Allan T. Shulman

Principal  | FAIA, LEED AP

As the founder and principal of the architecture and design firm Shulman + Associates (S+A), I have had the opportunity to put my theories on tropicalism and urban assemblage to the test in projects ranging from contemporary tropical homes, to the preservation and adaptive us of historic hotels, to master plans for districts and towns. The conservation and transformation of built cultural artifacts remains the most critical focus of the firm’s work.

As an architect, my work has been shaped by the imperative to focus on urban infill and adaptive use projects within already built environments. I am interested in articulating the growth of the city through carefully crafted interventions. My firm, Shulman + Associates, explores the intersection of Historic Preservation, adaptive use, and urban design retrofit. The work requires innovative programming, a curatorial approach to existing resources. A creative resolution of program requirements, attention to detail and the negotiation of an increasingly complex process of community consensus building to craft inventive solutions. In addition to its architectural projects, the firm has authored several successful district designations on the National Register of Historic Places, assembled and published considerable historic research, and served as consultant to cities, institutions, private entities and other professional design firms. Through research and projects, S+A has evolved into a platform for urbanist activism.

A second, and related, focus of the firm is on the exploration of tropicalism and the cultural force of identity-making in architecture. Parallel to my individual research and publication efforts in this subject, S+A has explored the syntax of modern tropicalism in a range of projects, from single family homes to larger hotels.

For this applied research, my nationally recognized practice has garnered more than 80 design awards, and in 2008 I was elevated to Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects in recognition of my scholarly activities and their integration with professional architectural practice. In 2017, I was I was honored to receive the Florida American Institute of Architecture Gold Medal, the organization’s highest accolade, which is awarded based on impact, leadership, integrity and ethics, innovation and stewardship, and service.

The organizational structure of the office has evolved to respond to my needs as an academic. Working with a team, I lead the design of all the firm’s projects. Projects are developed by teams, each of which is directed by a Project Manager. The office’s Projects Director oversees the work of the Project Managers. An Office Manager and Business Development Director manage the business affairs of the office.

Following are case studies of S+A work that serve to elaborate my current research agenda. At the end is a directory of selected S+A projects, organized by building type. Finally, a sample National District Designation Report, is included.


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